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Tips for People with Visual Impairment
Handling Finances

Table of Contents
Equipment & Appliances
Family and Friends
Handling Finances
Personal Care
Preparing Meals
folded five-dollar bill
Identifying money

Coins can be identified by feeling the size and edges. You can tell quarters and dimes by their ridges, and nickels and pennies by their smooth edges. Bills can then be identified by placing ones unfolded in your wallet, fives folded once lengthwise, tens folded once widthwise, and twenties folded twice, once lengthwise and once widthwise.
Larger bills and one dollar bills could be placed in separate compartments of your wallet or purse. You can purchase a bill identifier or ask a friend, bank teller, or store clerk to identify bills for you. Then place them in your wallet for future use.
Writing checks

A check-writing stencil and signature guide may help in filling out checks and signing your name. These can be obtained by contacting the OCB or can be made at home out of a thin piece of cardboard or plastic with windows cut out to outline where the signature or amount is written.
Many banks furnish raised line or large print checks for their visually impaired customers. Check with your bank for this service.