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Tips for People with Visual Impairment
Preparing Meals

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Family and Friends
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Preparing Meals
cans identified using rubber bands
Identifying packaged foods
Food products can be identified through a variety of simple methods. Make a habit of keeping different kinds of products on different shelves. For example, place canned vegetables on the top shelf and canned fruits on the bottom.
Place rubber bands on similar canned goods to distinguish one can from another. For example, use one rubber band for creamed corn and two for whole kernel corn. Or place a rubber band at the top of a can of tomato soup and in the middle of the can of chicken noodle soup.
If you can read larger print, try making a large print label to wrap around the cans. Other labeling methods are magnetic toy letters, magnetic tape with raised large print or braille letters, or nail polish.
Shaking the container and listening for the sound can identify many foods and spices. For example, salt has a harsher sound than pepper, and a can of beef broth sounds different than a can of creamed soup when shaken.
Organizing cooking materials

Place equipment and ingredients on a large tray of a color that contrasts with your work surface to keep objects from rolling, spilling, or becoming misplaced. You may want to use a second tray as a workspace or transfer each item after it has been used.

Liquids can be poured into a cup or glass without spilling by using one of several methods:
  1. Use weight as a guide by judging the weight of the container when empty and then when full.
  2. Place index finger in the glass up to the first knuckle. When the liquid reaches your fingertip, stop pouring.
  3. When pouring very hot or cold liquids, place your hand on the outside of the container to feel the level rise.
  4. For hot liquids, measure while cold, pour into saucepan, heat and return to the cup.
  5. Purchase a "Say When." A "Say When" is a small battery operated device, which hangs over the rim of the cup and buzzes when the poured liquid reaches the top.
Using recipes

Tape record your favorite recipes, or, if you prefer, write them out in large print using a felt tip pen. Recorded, large print and braille cookbooks are also available. Contact the Commission for the Blind for a directory of these publications.