Status Changes must be submitted on a Paper renewal form. Inactive Status- You may not practice clinically, or represent your self as an active Social Worker. If you would like to maintain the title Social Worker, you must present yourself as an Inactive Clinical Social Worker, or Inactive Clinical Social work Associate. You are still responsible for Timely Renewals on your renewal date. To qualify for Semi Retired Status, or Reduced Requirements, you must have been under the authority of a licensing agency for 20 years with no disciplinary action within the last 15 years. This is an active license, practicing no more than 500 hours a year. Volunteer hours are included in these 500 hours.
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Applying for License
Before You Apply


**CALIFORNIA APPLICANTS! Read THIS before you apply!**


Helpful Documents:

For New Licensees/Applicants: Overview of Basic Licensing Concepts  
New Social Work Regulations

Applying for Licensure or Certification
The Board offers four licensing programs: Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Clinical Social Work Associate, Licensed Master's Social Worker, and Registered Baccalaureate Social Worker.  Each program has a different licensing or certification process. For application information, including forms and fees, please select the program you are interested in:
Licensed Clinical Social Worker - for applicants who have taken the ASWB clinical exam and have met Oregon's requirements, or were required to meet requirements substantially equivalent to those set out in division 20 and division 15 of the Board’s rules, in another jurisdiction.
Clinical Social Work Associate - for applicants working towards licensure and have not yet met the requirements to become a LCSW.
Licensed Master's of Social Work - for applicants who have a Master's and wish to practice non-clinical social work.
Registered Baccalaureate Social Work - available for applicants who have a Bachelor's in social work, and wish to practice non-clinical social work.

The requirements for licensing and certification are contained in ORS Chapter 675 (Item 7) and OAR Chapter 877 (Item 8). Read these statutes and rules and retain them for future reference. The rules identify which of the forms you need to complete for certification and/or licensing. After you have read these instructions, please review each of the application forms for your chosen license/certificate carefully and become acquainted with them. Make additional copies if your documentation requires it. Documents with original signatures are required. In order to avoid processing delays, please be specific with totals, dates, places and names in completing all forms. Make sure all necessary signatures are obtained.
NOTE: An application file is closed when there has been no activity by letter or telephone after 120 days of receipt. 

LCSW's who have not completed the ASWB National Clinical Exam in another jurisdiction will be required to pass the exam prior to licensure. Applicants will be issued the CSWA certificate, until the passage of the Clinical exam. For further information contact the Board office.
CSWA candidates are eligible to take the National Clinical Exam upon completion of 75 supervision hours, by written request to the board to obtain early permission to sit for the exam.

The Oregon examination for licensure consists of two separate exams:
  1. National Exam by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB)
  2. Oregon Jurisprudence Exam (current law and rules; a self-test)

The National Clinical Exam is administered electronically by Pearson at test sites in Portland, Beaverton, Salem, LaGrande, and Medford. Test centers are open weekly. Specific information about the testing is provided at the time of registration with the ASWB. A passing score of 70 is required. Instructions on the ASWB website will provide all necessary information on how to make a reservation.

Upon successful completion of the National Clinical Exam, notification is sent to the Board office by Pearson. An official license will be issued after payment of the appropriate license fee and completion of remaining hour requirements. 
The Oregon Jurisprudence Exam, together with Oregon's Rules and Statutes, is available for download, and part of initial application for licensure. This exam is an open book self-test. Once completed, the exam is mailed, faxed, or emailed back to the Board's office for scoring. As applicable, the Oregon Jurisprudence Exam may be required a second time if there are any changes to Oregon's Rules and Statutes prior to licensure. It is the policy of the Board that all applicants pass the Jurisprudence exam prior to issuance of a license or certificate.
Online Payment and Processing
The Board office will email a notice of renewal 1 to 2 months prior to your birth month. All renewals are processed through the Online Payment and Processing. If you would like a paper renewal it is available for download under our forms tab.

Your Mailing Address

This is the address that appears on your official certificate or license and to which all communications from the Board office are sent. Please be sure that your address of record – home, place of business, or other- is the best one for correspondance.

It is the responsibility of each licensee or certificate holder to notify the Board in writing of any changes in name, address, email and/or home and work phone numbers. A Change of Address form is available HERE.

Licensing information is subject to public disclosure under ORS 192.420.



OAR 877-010-0040  Publications - The Board shall make available, upon request and payment of applicable fee, a list of the names and addresses of all persons who have been registered, certified, or licensed under ORS 675.510 to 676.600


Miscellaneous Information
Continuing Education

Renewal of a license requires continuing education reported every two years based on an odd/even license number.  New applicants are exempt from the requirement through their first renewal. Associates are not required to meet the continuing education requirement.
LCSW 40 credit hours every 2 years
(6 of the 40 hours must be in ethics coursework)
LCSW - Semi-Retired 20 credit hours every 2 years
(6 of the 20 hours must be in ethics coursework)
LSCW - Inactive No CEUs required
CSWA No CEUs required
LMSW 30 credit hours every 2 years
(6 of the 30 hours must be in ethics coursework)
RBSW 20 credit hours every 2 years
(6 of the 20 hours must be in ethics coursework)

Supervisors must complete 6 hours of supervision related coursework every 5 years in order to supervise CSWA's.

Note: The 6 hours needed for "Supervision" and "Ethics" are counted as two separate requirements.

Ethics​ 6 hours of ethics coursework must submitted every two years when reporting continuing education. These hours cannot be used for the Supervision requirement.​

Instructions for Mailing
Make checks payable to the State Board of Licensed Social Workers, and mail with your application to:
State Board of Licensed Social Workers
3218 Pringle Road SE Suite 240
Salem Oregon 97302-6310
**Retain a copy of your completed application for your own records. When all necessary documentation has been received, the Board will review your application for approval or denial. If you have any questions regarding the application or process, please call the Board office at (503) 378-5735.




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