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Commonly Asked Questions by Licensees
Professional Development

Q:  I'm not sure that the activities I reported meet the PD rules but since I received my license I am assuming that everything was ok. Is that a good assumption? 
A:  No, that is not a safe assumption. You may have listed the correct number of hours but unless you were audited, we may have assumed that the activities you reported were approved. If you submitted activities that are not specifically listed under OAR 335-070-0020 and you did not seek special approval, then you will want to make some changes.

Here are the tips provided to those licensees that were selected for the audit:

  • If you earn more than the required hours of professional development, select the activities that have the best supporting documentation. For example, if the activity falls under (5)(a) of OAR 335-070-0020, i.e. ASHA approved, be sure to submit documentation showing that it was, in fact, ASHA approved.
  • Verify that the dates on the report form match the dates on the supporting documentation. PD must be from the current two-year PD period. You cannot role over extra credits from a previous PD period.
  • Submit the closest number of hours to the number requested but record the exact number of hours that matches the documentation. Make sure all the titles, dates, and hours match what is recorded on the PD log.
  • As you attend activities request a certificate or proof of attendance and verify that the information on the certificate clearly shows the relation to OAR 335-070-0020 "Triple Test", which means; an approved activity, on approved content, by an approved sponsor; or that special Board approval has been obtained.

Q:  I have been receiving brochures from various companies that offer continuing education and they state the number of hours that can be earned. How would I know if the activities are acceptable to the Board? 
A:  Refer to the rules, specifically the rules regarding approved activities, content, and sponsors listed under OAR 335-070-0020. Very few companies have requested approval from the Board for their activities so don't assume that because it is a well-known company it has been approved. (Don't assume that since you reported it this last round that it was approved either! See the preceding Q and A.)
Q:  Can I get a copy of the Report of Professional Development Hours form? 
A:  Yes, you can get it on the forms page.

Q:  What kind of programs can an SLPA receive PD credit for?
A:  SLPAs can be given credit for any activity that falls under the PD rule or any activity that has been given special approval by the Board for SLPs. 
Q: When will the list of "Professional Development Activities given special approval by the board" list be updated to reflect approved?
A: The list is updated as activities get requested by licensees and approved by the Board. It is an ongoing process. There is no list that is carried over from licensing period to the next.  
Q: I received my initial licensure part way through the licensing period.  Do I need to provide the same amount of PD hours as someone who was licensed the whole period or is the requirement prorated?
 The requirement is prorated for your first renewal by how much time is remaining in the licensing period that you received your license during.  Look up your initial licensure date on the licensee directory, and then consult the chart below (taken from OAR 335-070-0050):

 Initially Licensed:  Professional Development Due at Renewal
 Before 7/30 of even-numbered year  Full number of required hours
 8/1 of even-numbered years through July of odd-numbered years  Half of required number of hours
 After 7/31 if odd-numbered years  No report is required