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Information Flash Archive
August 9, 2010 Flash
Permit to Supervise SLPAs & Permit Fees No Longer Required
Sandy Leybold, MPH
Executive Director

Permits to Supervise SLPAs previously issued by the Board expired on July 31, 2010.  Typically, SLPs licensed by TSPC who needed these permits would submit applications and permit fees during the summer and fall for staffing assignments for new school year. 
The Board has re-evaluated its criteria for supervision for SLPAs and has just filed temporary rules changing these requirements.  These rules are effective immediately and are in effect for six months.  During that time, the Board intends to propose making these rules permanent, and there will be an opportunity for public hearing.  However, the Board does not anticipate any opposition since these changes make the requirements for supervision more consistent for those licensed by the Board and by TSPC, and since it eliminates the permit fees for TSPC licensees. 
The Board requires all SLPs supervising SLPAs to hold either a Board license or a TSPC license with a communications disorders endorsement and to have at least two years of full-time professional experience as an SLP.  The clinical fellowship (CFY) may be counted as one of those two years.  In addition, every supervising SLP must agree to the supervision requirements in Oregon Administrative Rules.  The SLPA Supervisor Change Notice now summarizes these rules and asks each supervisor to attest that they are aware of these rules and will follow them.  SLPs who are not Board-licensed are asked to complete additional demographic information so that the Board can track the supervisory relationships of non-licensees in our database (as we do for licensees), and so that we have complete contact information for each supervisor. 
The SLPA Supervisor Change Notice is available on the Board’s website under the Forms tab, or click here:  http://www.oregon.gov/BSPA/pdfs/SLPA_Supervision_Change_Notice.pdfThis form needs to be submitted to the Board by the SLPA within 30 days of any change of supervisor—both additions and deletions.  This form requires information and signatures from both the SLPA and the SLP.  In the case of a TSPC-licensed supervisor, a third party must also attest that individual has more than 2 years of professional experience.  (This information is already on file for Board-licensed SLPs.)  It is up to the SLPA to get appropriate signatures and submit the form on time; however, it is the responsibility of both the SLPA and SLP to conform to SLPA supervision rules.
The other change is for SLPs supervising persons completing their SLPA practicum.  Supervisors of practicum students now may be either Board-licensed or hold their ASHA CCC’s.  This makes the qualifications consistent for practica supervisors inside and outside Oregon, and conforms to the emerging national standard. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Board office at 971-673-0220 or speechaud.board@state.or.us.  
Please share this information with your Special Education Director and other school administrators.

July 7, 2009 Flash
BSPA Information Flash!
Quick updates from the Oregon Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Rule Changes Are Final July 1, 2009
Sandy Leybold, MPH
Executive Director
The Board adopted proposed rule amendments at their May 22, 2009, following their review of written comments submitted during the formal comment period and a report from the hearing officer regarding the public hearing held on May 20, 2009.   The amended rules became effective on July 1, 2009.
The rule amendments accomplish the following:
·         Adds and clarifies definitions of unprofessional conduct
·         Clarifies need for timely reporting of home and business addresses and SLPA supervision changes
·         Increases licensing fees
·         Reduces professional development hours required for renewal and re-activation
·         Requires professional development requirement for initial licensure
·         Clarifies SLPA supervision requirements
·         Allows Board to exempt school districts in critical shortage areas from certain SLPA supervision requirements using an application and approval process
·         Changes miscellaneous text for clarity
The notice of permanent rulemaking along with the new version of the amended rules can be found on our website at: http://www.oregon.gov/BSPA/pdfs/Notice_of_Permanent_Administrative_Rules-6-09.pdf
If you have questions, please call the Board office at 971-673-0220 or email us at speechaud.board@state.or.us.
“Exceptions” to Administrative Rules
Sandy Leybold, MPH
Executive Director
We have been asked about exceptions to the Board’s administrative rules.  The Board is not able to “bend” its own effective OARs.  Once a rule is effective, unless there is specific permission for the Board to do so in the rule, the Board cannot apply a previous version of the rule, suspend a rule, or contravene it without going through a formal rule change process.
Heads Up!  Permits to Supervise SLPAs Expire 7/31
Tim Anderson
Administrative Assistant
Permits to supervise SLPAs, unlike our other licenses, expire every year on July 31st.  They were set up this way to coincide with the school year calendar, since staffing for SLPA supervision may change each academic year.
All current permit holders should have received a new application for the 2009-2010 year at the mailing address that they specified.  First time applicants can obtain a form on our website.
 The entire form must be completed (including verification of 2 years experience) by “returning” permit holders and new ones alike.
SLPA Supervision Audit Update
Sandy Leybold, MPH
Executive Director
The Board recently completed an audit of SLPA supervision in all Oregon ESDs and a sample of 8 other school districts.  This was the first audit of SLPA supervision conducted since the Board adopted this as a Key Performance Measure this spring.
Some concerns identified through the audit were:
  • SLPs supervising SLPAs without a current, valid SLP license or Permit to Supervise SLPAs issued by this Board
  • SLPs supervising SLPAs without having the required two years of professional SLP experience
  • An SLPA who also served one day a week as an SLP (licensed by TSPC), who did not hold SLPA certification by this Board
Issues related to appropriate licensure of SLPAs and SLPs are being addressed individually.  SLPs may not supervise SLPAs until they obtain appropriate SLP licenses or permits from this Board. 
Clinical logs were also reviewed for two sample months as part of the audit.  Review of the logs revealed that generally SLPAs appear to be supervised more than is required by our Administrative Rules. Some reports appeared to document inadequate supervision. 
Over the next weeks, specific feedback will be given to each district that responded to the audit.   Any specific action related to a licensee will be directed to that individual.
The clinical logs varied in their format, and showed inconsistency in terminology.  It was frequently difficult to tell how many hours an SLPA worked in total, or how many clinical interaction hours they logged.  As a result, the Board is working to develop a standardized log “smart form” that would clarify definitions and perform supervision calculations through Excel.  The Board believes this will be a valuable tool for SLPAs, supervising SLPs, and audit reviewers.  Input from users will be sought before this form is finalized.
This SLPA supervision audit provides a useful baseline for future reviews.  In the meantime, the Board urges SLPs, SLPAs, and Special Education Directors or others supervising speech therapy services to review our rules regarding SLPA supervision.  These are on our website at http://arcweb.sos.state.or.us/rules/OARs_300/OAR_335/335_095.html and http://www.oregon.gov/BSPA/pdfs/Notice_of_Permanent_Administrative_Rules-6-09.pdf.   Questions about rules can be directed to the Board office.