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Liability Insurance

Finding liability insurance - Market Assistance Plan (MAP)

The Oregon Market Assistance Plan (MAP), helps construction contractors who are having trouble getting liability insurance.

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What is an additional insured?

Many construction agreements call for one company to name another company as an “additional insured”. Before this occurs, each party should have a general idea of what this means.  
In most situations, the insurance at issue is the Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy of the lower tier party. A common scenario is a prime contractor asking a subcontractor to name the prime contractor (and perhaps the owner or others) as an additional names insured on the subcontractor's CGL policy. This request is sometimes found within the terms and conditions of a proposed subcontract.
Before agreeing to this, both parties should have a basic understanding of what it means. In general, naming a company as an additional insured on your CGL policy enables that company to make a claim directly against your policy.
In today’s world of defective construction claims, prime contractors (and their insurance carriers) are becoming more insistent on obtaining a certificate of insurance where the prime contractor is a named additional insured. Then, if there is an allegation of defective construction by a subcontractor, the prime contractor can make a claim directly against that subcontractor’s CGL insurance. This can be particularly important if the subcontractor is no longer in business.  
(From the Scott Hookland LLP newsletter. Scott Hookland LLP is a law firm located in Tigard. You can reach them at 503-620-4540.)  

Common questions about liability insurance

For answers to commonly asked questions about liability insurance carried by
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City of Portland SPARTA Program (public works)

Service Providers & Artisan Tradesman Activities (SPARTA) Liability Program was designed to provide Commercial General Liability, Excess General Liability, Professional Liability and Non-owned Automobile Liability coverage to tradesman, artisans, contractors and tenants who would not otherwise be able to provide the insurance limits needed to successfully bid and compete for Public Entity business opportunities.

The toll free number is 800-420-0555.

Agents can submit insurance info online (help for insurance agent

To be licensed by the CCB, contractors must have general liability insurance. A certificate of insurance must be submitted by the contractor’s insurance agent to the CCB.
Fill out this online form to instantly transmit insurance information contractors need to maintain their license with the CCB.
Insurance agents must fill out the Application for Online Insurance Entry Access and mail it to the CCB. Click here  to download the form for printing. For questions about the online insurance certificate submittal program, call the Customer Service Unit at 503-378-4621.