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Initiative Review

Initiative Selection Criteria

The Citizens’ Initiative Review Commission shall select one or more state measures proposed by initiative petition to be voted on at a general election and convene a separate citizen panel to review each selected measure.
In selecting a measure to be reviewed by a citizen panel, the commission shall consider the following criteria:
  • The fiscal impact of a measure.

  • Whether the measure amends the Oregon Constitution.

  • The availability of funds to conduct reviews.

  • Any other criteria established by the commission by rule.
Each citizen panel shall evaluate and write statements for the measure considered by the panel.
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Initiative Review Process

Each panel shall meet to review the measure on not fewer than three and not more than five consecutive days for a total of not less than 24 hours unless otherwise provided by commission rule.
Each panel shall conduct public hearings at which the panel shall receive testimony or other information from both proponents and opponents of the measure. Unless otherwise determined by a majority of the panelists, equal time shall be allotted to proponents and opponents of a measure.
The chief petitioners of the measure shall designate two persons to provide information in favor of the measure to the citizen panel. If the chief petitioners fail to timely designate two persons to appear before the panel, the commission may designate two persons who support the measure to provide information in favor of the measure.
The commission shall designate two persons who oppose the measure to provide information in opposition to the measure.

The commission, by rule, may specify additional criteria regarding the public hearings.

The commission shall provide each panel with any complaints regarding the panel not later than the fourth day the panel convenes.
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Initiative Review Evaluations and CIRC Recommendations

Per ORS 250.143, the Citizens’ Initiative Review Commission reviews evaluations conducted by moderators and panelists from the previous year’s CIRs and makes any findings and recommendations.  The Commission makes all evaluations, findings and recommendations available to the public via its website.

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