State facilities and land

Project authorization requests  

Tenants of DAS-owned facilities request remodeling and other projects through a project authorization process. This review and approval process ensures that construction standards and finishes match existing conditions and meet current regulatory requirements. The Project Authorization Committee meets every Wednesday morning. Agencies are required to have their requests along with supporting documentation to the committee no later than close of business the prior Friday to be reviewed at the next meeting.
Submit a Project Authorization form by email to  

Project planning process

  • Define the project goals.
  • Evaluate resources needed.
  • Develop an action plan to coordinate all the elements for a successful project and clearly assign responsibilities to the State of Oregon as owner, design professionals, contractors and subscontractors. 
  • The project planning process creates consistent and coherent documents for major projects that will:
    • Guide project development and execution.
    • Establish initial project goals.
    • Document assumptions and constraints.
    • Document decisions including priorities, alternatives and changes.
    • Identiffy stakeholders and decision makers.
    • Facilitate communications amongst stakeholders.
    • Define key reviews as to content, extent and timing.
    • Provide a baseline for progress measurements and project control.

Services offered

  • New construction (capital construction budget)
  • Major renovations (capital construction budget)
  • Improvements to facility structures and systems (capital improvement budget) 

Construction project managers direct the construction of new facilities and remodeling of existing facilities for state agencies. We also assist agencies in obtaining project management services through outside consultants when necessary. A mix of in-house and qualified private sector contract services often yields the best results for an agency. 

Project managers ensure that the design and construction of each project meets the quality requirements set by the state. We regularly compare costs and performance against private and public sector benchmarks to assure the highest quality service. 

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