Financing and facilities planning

Resources for agencies

Intent resolutions

Financing agreement approval form​

Accounting and reportin​g of capital assets

Long-term​ debt training

Recording debt service payme​nts and amortization

XI-Q Bonds 1099-MISC Reporting Guidance

Resources for policymakers

State bonding in Oregon

Regulatory resources and policies

Reg. ​bonds in budget

Artixle XI-Q pro​cedures

Oregon Acco​unting Manual

SEC rul​e 15c2-12

Other financing agr​eements procedures

Bond Post Issuance Compliance Policy and Procedures

DAS Post Issuance Compliance Procedures 10-16-2017.pdf​

Facilities planning publications 

Below are publications on the statewide inventory and facilities conditions from Facilities Planning.

Statewide inventory

Facility condition