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The Oregon Sustainability Board (OSB) encourages activities that best sustain, protect and enhance the environment, economy and community for the present and future benefit of Oregonians. The Governor appoints OSB members who represent a variety of stakeholders within the state of Oregon.  

The Legislature adopted the Oregon Sustainability Act (ORS 184.423), which established the state's overall sustainability policy. The legislation created the Oregon Sustainability Board (OSB) and established legislative goals for state government around sustainability. In order to implement the act, Governor Kulongoski issued Executive Order 03-03 along with a letter of suggested agency actions, which directed the OSB to oversee the process for carrying out the act. The executive order specifically requests that OSB oversee development of sustainability plans by 20 state agencies. In 2007, the OSB became law in ORS 184.421 to 184.425.  A January 2013 memo from the Office of the Governor directed the Oregon Sustainability Board to oversee agency implementation of sustainability related executive orders and identify areas of joint interest and action with the Oregon Small Business Advisory Council and Environmental Justice Task Force.​

Governor's Sustainability Awards

The Governor's Sustainability Awards Program is intended to promote and advance the inclusion of sustainable practices in government and the private sector. Sustainable practices are broadly defined as those that strive to optimize an organization's financial, environmental and social performance. ​




​Report to the 2011 Legislative Assembly 

Report to the 2013 Legislative Assembly


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