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The Oregon Economic Forecast provides information to planners and policy makers in state agencies and private organizations for use in their decision making processes. The Oregon Revenue Forecast opens the revenue forecasting process to public review. It is the basis for much of the budgeting in state government. Both of these reports are issued four times a year. The Office of Economic Analysis released the current Economic and Revenue Forecasts on August 23, 2017. The next forecasts will be released on November 29, 2017. Please feel free to contact Mark McMullen at 503-378-3455 or or Josh Lehner at 503-378-4052 or​ for questions and updates.

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Economic and revenue forecast (released on August 23, 2017)
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Historical annual and quarterly data tables, 1990-2027 (xls)

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If you would like access to historical data older than what is posted here, you may access the archived reports at the Oregon State Library.​

Forecast methodology

Oregon's economic forecast methodology

Personal income tax model methodology
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