Oregon state government uses two models of Unify desk phones. Most users have the OpenScape IP 35, a model with standard business features. For users who require multi-line capabilities, the OpenScape IP 55 provides 8 line appearances they can customize. 

OpenScape IP 35 phone          OpenScape IP 55 phone
OpenScape IP 35                                                OpenScape IP 55


Training videos

Each of the following videos is under two minutes. Simply click the video link to begin the tutorial. Or, click the document link to view or print a PDF version of the tutorial.

The videos are identified by categories:

""= IP 35 desk phone        ""= IP 55 desk phone          ""= Xpressions Voicemail

​Category ​Description ​Videos ​Documents
"" Voicemail - Overview Video Document
"" ​IP35 - Phone Overview Video Document
"" ​IP55 - Phone Overview Video Document
Understand the Missed Call Lights Video ​Document
"" ​Voicemail - Record a Greeting Video ​Document
"" ​Voicemail - Shortcuts Video Document
"" ​Voicemail - Record Today's Greeting Video Document
"" ​Voicemail - Record an Out-of-Office Greeting Video Document
"""" "" ​Voicemail - Set a Referral Number Video ​Document
"" ​Voicemail - Check messages while out of office Video ​Document
"" ​Voicemail - Reset your password Video Document
"""" ​Make a conference call
Video Document
"" ​IP55 - How to program Function Keys Video ​Document
"" ​IP55 - Advanced key programming Video Document
"" ​IP55 - Set up a directory Video Document
"" ​IP35 - Set up a directory Video Document
"" ​Voicemail - Advanced Greetings
Video ​Document
"""" ​Headsets, connect and use Video Document
"""" ​Move between speaker and handset Video Document
"" IP35 - How to program function keys Video Document

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