Department of Administrative Services

What is the Oregon Management Project?

To develop, retain, and attract the kind of skilled senior leadership professionals capable of the service delivery transformation the Governor and Legislature envision, we must bring our employment system for managers into the modern day.
State leaders are developing a comprehensive package regarding the state’s relationship with our managers, focused on our management philosophy, our system of classification and compensation, and our training practices, retention and recruitment.
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Project information and documents 

 Overall project
Webinar recordings
The project team hosts live-streamed meetings with the Chief Human Resources Officer's HR Advisory Board to discuss the Oregon Management Project. Visit the links below to view past recordings.
Overall project contact information
​Katy Coba
Enterprise Leadership Team Project Sponsor
Director, Department of Administrative Services
Phone: 503-373-0914
Madilyn Zike
DAS Sponsor/Chief Human Resource Officer
Chief Human Resource Office
Department of Administrative Services
Phone: 503-378-3020

Classification and Compensation work stream 
The classification and compensation work stream is currently on hold while work continues on the other two works streams. This means managers will continue to be classified in the Principal Executive Manager (PEM) series and be compensated using the existing step system. Once the other two work streams are closer to completion, a holistic plan will be developed to implement the entire project. Below is a copy of a message that went to managers in early June 2016 describing the change.

Classification and Compensation work stream contact information
​Mark Rasmussen
Business Lead/Classification & Compensation Manager
Chief Human Resources Office
Department of Administrative Services
Phone: 971-283-6814
Management Empowerment and Accountability work stream 

The Manager Empowerment and Accountability Work Stream focuses on Oregon state government’s relationship with it managers in how it supports and empower managers with the tools and discretion to accomplish their duties and, subsequently holds them accountable for the outcomes they are responsible for.

To better support getting the right people into the right job at the right time, it is critical that we take an enterprise wide view of how Oregon state government retains, recruits and develops its managers. This work stream will identify the shared organizational values and competencies held across the enterprise. These competencies drive how Oregon state government empowers managers through tools, training and development. With a set of enterprise-wide managerial competencies, the work stream will then look to improving the systems devoted to retaining, recruiting and performance management.

Management Empowerment and Accountability contact information
​Kris Kautz
Business Lead/Deputy Director
Department of Revenue
Phone: 503-945-8213
Kim Dettwyler
Business Lead/HR Manager
Department of Revenue
Phone: 503-945-8551
​Christal Lee
Workforce Planning Strategist
Chief Human Resources Office
Department of Administrative Services
Phone: 503-798-1380
Management Career work stream 
Management Career Work Stream contact information
Christal Lee
Workforce Planning Strategist
Chief Human Resources Office
Department of Administrative Services
Phone: 503-798-1380