How do I check the current status of my document?

Click on View Data in the document's menu bar and go to Process History. This will show you all of the workflow steps for the document and who has issued each step. You'll be able to tell the current step and who is in charge of it.

I am trying to make a change to my document, but it won't let me.

Start by making sure that you are in a draft version of the document. (If you look in the upper right corner of the document, you should see the word "Draft" above the box.) 

If you are in a draft version and still cannot make changes, check to see whether you are actually in control of the draft. To check this, click on View Data in the menu bar and go to Process History. Whomever is listed on the current step has control of the document. If this is not you, you can forward control to yourself by going to Actions and Forward.

If you still cannot make the changes, it may be that you do not have permission to make the change, or that you are using a Revision when the change requires an Amendment. Contact your agency's ORPIN coordinator​ or the ORPIN help desk at​ for assistance.​