I received a “Bad Referrer” error message while using ORPIN.

“Bad Referrer” is a technical term meaning the system lost communication with your ORPIN session. This often occurs if you use the forward, back or refresh buttons on your browser instead of clicking the buttons that ORPIN provides. You may also see this error when accessing ORPIN through a bad link in an email or website, or if your cookie/privacy settings are too restrictive. 

If you get a Bad Referrer message, please try the following:

  • Close all your browser windows and then open your browser again. 
  • Do not use a link in your favorites or bookmarks to get to ORPIN. Instead, type the website address into your address bar as follows:​.
  • Once you get to the website, create a new favorite link or bookmark. (Make sure you do this before you log in! If you create the link after you log in, ORPIN will save your current session ID inside the link. This will cause the same Bad Referrer message when you try to access it the next time.)

You should be able to log in successfully now. If the problem persists, you may have to change your cookie/privacy settings. To adjust these settings in Internet Explorer: 

  • Go to your Tools dropdown.
  • Select Internet Options.
  • Select Privacy.
  • Click on the Sites button next to the pop-up blocker settings.
  • Enter as an allowed site.
  • Click the Add button. 

When you add it to the list, it should display with an asterisk at the front, such as * 

If you continue to receive the Bad Referrer message, please email the ORPIN help desk at for assistance.​​