​We partner with state and local agencies to create a thriving marketplace that is fair, open and flexible. Our experienced staff members are available to provide you with knowledgeable and professional service. Click on a program title below for a list of staff members and contact information.

Asset mo​vement and storage, asset sales, disaster recovery and BCP, disposal, financial, information security, real estate and space rental or lease and travel arrangements.

​Josh Rogers ​503-373-7255 ​
​Kaliska King ​503-378-5332
​Sharon Martin ​503-373-0767
​Tim Jenks ​503-378-4778 ​

Audits, consultation, contract printing, exam certification, facilitation, interpretation, translation, transcription, legal services, alternative dispute resolution, process improvement, IT project and quality management, marketing, temporary staffing, testing and traini​ng.

​​Dion Kerle'e ​503-378-2816
​Jennifer Jolley ​503-373-0388 ​
​Rena Sawyer ​503-378-2272

Building maintenance and repair, construction, electrical, facilities, fire and security, HVAC, janitorial services, landscaping, plumbing and signage.

​Dustin Sculatti 503-378-2048
​Kelly Blanchard ​503-378-6602
​​Mary Mattison ​503-378-4648
​Shirley Smith ​503-378-5395
Copiers, hardware, software and telecom.​ Email the whole IT team:

​Cort Dokken ​503-378-4654
​Debbie Davis ​503-378-5345
​​John Anglemier ​503-373-4650
​Keri Ashford ​503-378-4680
​Kimberly Mainwaring ​503-373-0763 ​
​Lori Nordlien ​503-378-6781
​Nick Betsacon ​503-267-6636 ​
​Rachel Smith ​503-373-1058
​Sandy Clavet ​503-378-4645
​Stefani Tew ​503-373-0384

Vehicles, auto-related equipment, fuel, lubricants, fleet rental and lease information, and restaurant equipment.​

​Blake Schwabauer 503-378-4653

Dental, environmental, laboratory services and equipment, mailing equipment, medical services and supplies, p​​harmaceuticals, janitorial supplies, and body armor, ammunition, office supplies and services, task seating, wireless. Also includes food service products such as produce, dry goods, meat, seafood, dairy, bakery and food services.

​​Lori Doke ​503-373-1566 ​
​Pam Johnson ​503-378-4731

Administration and m​anagement support for the procurement business centers.

​Gwen Sunken ​503-378-4697
​Miranda Longs ​503-373-2321 ​​
​Nancy Doll ​503-378-5384

Administrative a​nd management support for Procurement Services.

Receptionist ​503-378-4092
​Shelley Chamberlin ​503-378-4644 ​​

System administration and help desk support for ORPIN, the state's eProcurement system. ORPIN is the primary resource connecting suppliers of goods and services with contracting opportunities posted by Oregon agencies and local government.

​​​Nicole Brazeal ​503-373-1774
​Shelley Chamberlin ​503-373-1774
​Vicki Simonsen ​503-373-1774​

Appro​ves agency special requests regarding procurement processes and authorities.

​​​Gail ​L. Carter ​503-378-5501
​Jay Jackson ​503-378-4652 ​

Project management of statewide procurement related initiatives like the Oregon Procurement Manual (OPM) and other Enterprise Leadership Team objectives. Manages the website.

Amy Velez ​503-378-4663​
​Robert Underwood ​503-378-5519

The QRF program promotes employment opportunities through public contracts for people with disab​ilities. State and local government agencies are required to purchase products and services from QRF suppliers as identified on the procurement list​.

​​​Adam Helvey ​503-373-2106 ​​
​Laurent Beauregard ​503-378-6546

Research a​​nd analysis of government contracting and spending.

​​​Erica Bakker ​503-378-5521
​Laurent Beauregard ​503-378-6546 ​

Interprets and applies Oregon Public Procurement statutes, rules and policy for state agencies under DAS procurement authority.

Jay Jackson​​​ ​503-378-4652

Supplier​​ outreach and coordination of the ORCPP program. ORCPP is a fee for service program that allows local government and other qualified organizations access to a wide variety of state contracts to purchase goods and services.

​​​Adam Helvey ​503-373-2106 ​
​Kelly Stevens-Malnar ​503-378-3976

Training manages certification courses and procurement-related continuing education programs for state agency and local government personnel.

​Amanda Gibson ​503-373-1250 ​
​Anya Corbitt ​503-378-5396
​John Koljesky ​503-378-2497
​Kevin Doellefeld ​503-378-4721 ​​
​Tim Howard ​503-373-0809
​Regina Cashen ​503-373-0975
Construction & facilities, Training, Vehicles & transportation​ ​ ​
Darwin Kumpula​ ​503-378-5383
Business technology & support, Information technology, Workplace supplies & services​ ​ ​
Ginny Beckwith​ ​503-378-4639 ​
Asset management, Business services, Procurement resources, Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities, Research & analysis, Statewide outreach​ ​ ​
​Kelly Mix ​503-378-2998
​​​Debbie Dennis ​503-378-2631 ​​

Procurement Services
General Services Building
1225 Ferry St SE
Salem, OR 97301
Phone: 503-378-4642