General training questions

Where can I find the current statutes and rules?

Go to the following links to print the current statutes and rules:

Who do I contact for questions regarding certification or testing?

Call 503-378-4642 or  EGS PS instructor mailbox​

OPBC testing questions

Who do I contact to accommodate people with disabilities?

Call 503-378-4642 or  EGS PS instructor mailbox​ 

When will I know if I meet certification requirements?

Three weeks after the training team receives your application.​

What is the cost of a test? 

The test costs $150 and is payable to DAS Procurement Services. Payment must be received before the day of the test. 

Who can take a test? 

All public employees within the state of Oregon. 

When are the testing dates and times? 

Tests are scheduled quarterly. Please visit the iLearn website and look under DAS PS for test dates and times. 

Where do I take the test? 

Tests are held in Salem. 

What is the structure of the test? 

Tests typically consist of multiple choice, matching or true/false questions. Candidates are tested on their understanding and application of procurement knowledge. Participants receive one point for a correct answer, zero points for an incorrect answer, and zero points will be given for no answer.  

How much time will I have to complete the test? 

Three hours. 

What study materials should I use for the OPBC test? 

The following: 

  • Principles of public contracting manual 
  • Direct purchasing and negotiation handouts 
  • DAS Procurement Services elective class materials  
  • State and local government purchasing practices 
  • Oregon revised statute 244, 279, 190, 291 
  • Oregon administrative rule 137 divisions 30, 35, 40, and 45 
  • Oregon administrative rule 125 divisions 246, 247, 248, 249 and 55 (QRF) 

If I fail the test, is there a waiting period before I can take it again? 

You will have to wait to take the next scheduled exam. 

How do I schedule a re-examination? 

Fill out a registration form on iLearn for the next scheduled exam date. 

When will I receive my test results? 

You will receive written notification of test results within 15 days after the date of the test. If you do not receive results within this timeframe, call 503-378-4642. 

Am I certified after taking the test? 

No. You will need to submit a certification application​