Risk management

Claim filing information

The state of Oregon is a self-insured public entity. The Department of Administrative Services' Risk Management program provides liability and restoration insurance coverage through the self-insurance fund.
This program:
  • Investigates, evaluates and resolves claims.
  • Determines if damage is due to state activities.
  • Pays only reasonable costs.
  • Encourages the following evidence be provided with claim:
    • Photos
    • Diagrams
    • Reports
    • Estimates of property replacement (generall 2 required)
    • Witness information

Claim filing forms

Notice of a claim is a statement that a claim for damages is or will be asserted against the public body or an officer, employee or agent of the state in any written form. It must include a description of the time, place and circumstances describing the claim. The name of the claimant with a current mailing address for correspondence must also be included. The following forms are available for your use to file a claim against the state:
Claim form for vehicle damage against the state.
Claim form for any type of claim against the state that is not vehicle related.

Medicare eligibility report form
Public reporting form for Medicare eligibility. To be filled out for ALL bodily injury claims.
For state agency use only. Claim form for use by state agencies to file a claim for damage to state property

Frequently asked claim-related questions

Frequently asked questions regarding filing a claim and the processing of a claim.

Contact Risk Management:

Mailing address:
     PO Box 12009
     Salem, Oregon 97309
Phone: 503-373-7475
Fax: 503-373-7337