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Office ergonomic guidelines overview
The majority of state employee perform their work in a office environment. The guidelines presented in this document promote the use of well-designed, properly adjusted office furnishings that reduce the risk of office workplace injuries and occupational diseases.


    ERGO training video
    The majority of state employees perform their work in an office environment. Your workspace includes your computer and the things you use most around it. How you set up and use your workspace can make a big difference in how you feel at the end of the day. The purpose of this training is to walk you through the process of properly adjusting your workspace. We'll cover how to adjust your chair and workstation and how to position your keyboard, computer mouse, monitor, document holder and telephone.

    Ergonomic task chair contracts
    Current vendor contracts for purchasing ergonomic task chairs for employees.

    Ergonomics toolkit for supervisors and assessors toolkit
    The purpose of this toolkit is to provide resources that enable agencies, boards and commissions to reap the benefits of good office ergonomics.

    Multi-user workstation toolkit
    How to select a chair and work surface for a multi-user workstation.

    Office Ergonomics self assessment training
    Step-by-step instructions on how to property set up your own workstation.


    Office ergonomics self assessment form
    Form to track measurements and assessment findings.