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  • Meet the DAS Customer Utility Boards

    In 2012 DAS implemented Entrepreneurial Management as a business model. At the model’s core is the customer’s voice. For DAS' utility services, this voice is expressed through four Customer Utility Boards that govern each service.

    Also integral to the business model is customer choice. Through unbundling services and creating discrete rates and service level agreements, customers have greater choice. 

    The Customer Utility Boards serve as a forum to recognize and respond to customers’ needs and keep the exchange of information flowing between customer and provider.

About Customer Utility Boards CUB News - Updated Oct. 17, 2013

Four Customer Utility Boards (CUB) exist to provide DAS' customers with a meaningful voice in the cost, type, quality and quantity of utility services delivered. The Boards serve as a forum to recognize and respond to customer needs as well as provide a communication channel to keep the exchange of information flowing between customers and DAS. This takes shape in the following four primary responsibilities:

  1. Approving rate-setting methodologies and resulting rates
  2. Approving general service level agreements
  3. Reviewing business plans and annual financial statements
  4. Resolving service complaints

CUB Orientation Materials (pdf) 


Entrepreneurial Management

Entrepreneurial management is a business model that uses customer choice and competition to increase service satisfaction. It also ensures that policy-related functions are distinct from delivering services.

Implementing EM at DAS began a few years ago under the EM Advisory Committee and shifted to organizational design specialists at DAS. On July 1, 2012, DAS transitioned to a new business model known as Entrepreneurial Management, the heart of which is customer involvement.
Under the EM model, customer agencies will have more say about what they buy from DAS. DAS employees will be better positioned to give customers top-notch service, primarily because policy and service roles will be separate from one another. And the "ultimate customer," Oregon's taxpayers and Legislature, will have clarity about what DAS does and how.
DAS Structure Under EM (pdf) 

More about the EM Business Model (pdf)


DAS Customer Utility Boards this past summer CUB meetingstarted rate-setting activity for the 2015-17 biennium. CUB members and subject matter experts from agencies, along with DAS staff, formed various subgroups to review current methodologies and provide recommendations to the full CUBs. All agencies are encouraged to participate in the rate-setting work. Guests are welcome at any subgroup meeting or full CUB meeting to hear recommendations for rates and share their opinion with the CUBs. Contact us for details. 

There will be additional opportunities for DAS customers to learn and provide feedback on the rate methodologies and resulting rates recommended for 2015-17 before they are published in the Price List of Goods and Services. Stay tuned!

Service Level Agreements
All four CUBs in September unanimously approved the first set of Service Level Agreements for the following DAS divisions and programs: Enterprise Human Resource Services, Enterprise Technology Services, Fleet & Parking Services, Surplus Property, and Publishing & Distribution.

DAS is pleased to have these agreements in place and extends thanks to the CUBs and other customers who collaborated to create them. 


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