2014-2016 Dental Hygiene License Renewal


Licensees are personally responsible for their license renewal. This means no one other than the licensee should be answering the renewal questions.

There are no exception for the online process. If you do not have access to a computer, you can visit a local library, a family member or friend, or if in the Portland-Metro area, you can visit the Board office.  

You cannot work with an expired license in the State of Oregon. If you license expires, even if you paperwork has been mailed or you've just completed the renewal online, until you see your license has been renewed, either on our website or by calling our office, you may not practice. The Board can impose a civil penalty​ of $2500 for practicing without a license for dental hygienists. 

Online Renewal Process  

Dental Hygiene Renewal reminder postcards were mailed July 16, 2014. You do not need a postcard to renew your license. You only need to provide the following information in order to access your renewal:
  •  Last Name as registered with the Oregon Board of Dentistry
  • Oregon Dental Hygiene License No.
  • Last 4 digits of Social Security No.

Once you have accessed your online renewal application, you will be able to complete the process entirely online. If you should need to stop in the middle of the process your information, up to the last completed page, will be saved allowing you to return at a later date to complete the process.  Late fees are not charged for 10 days after September 31, although you may not practice with an expired license for any reason



  1. ​Pay online with a US issued Visa or MasterCard at time of renewal
  2. Print completed renewal and mail it to the PO Box with a check or money order
    • Printed forms MUST be signed and dated
    • Payment MUST accompany printed renewal form. Renewals received without payment will be returned to licensee for payment. Your license will NOT be renewed until payment is received with the renewal application.
  3. Active duty military fees are waived - see information below

Dental Hygiene Licenses for the current renewal cycle will expire September 30, 2014. If you do not renewal your license you cannot practice! Below is a link that allows you to check your current license status including expiration date. Please keep in mind that if you just renewed recently there my be a delay in the posting of current information.

​To verify your licensure status: Oregon Licensee Lookup


Oregon Dental Hygiene licensure fees are waived for those licensee who are active duty military. For those individual seeking waiver of fees, you must select the 'Active Duty Military' option after completing the online renewal when asked how you would like to pay. In lieu of payment you must send in documentation of your active duty military status.  





Join other health professionals and get trained, pre-credentialed and deployed rapidly to help those in need.

Licensed health care professionals are needed for disaster preparedness and response in the State Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Oregon (SERV-OR).  SERV-OR allows health professionals to register in advance so they are ready to lend a hand in the next public health emergency. However, only a small percentage of eligible health care professionals are currently registered.  Help ensure that everyone who is eligible to register with SERV-OR knows about it and is able to participate.

Disaster training provided

After an application is approved, registered volunteers have access to free online and face-to-face training.  Courses cover Basic and Advanced Disaster Life Support, disaster burn training, triage, personal and family preparedness, and the Incident Command System.  The Basic Disaster Life Support course provides a full day of CMEs, and the Advanced course provides two full days -- at no cost to registered volunteers.  Volunteers also receive an identification badge to assist with recognition during emergency response operations.

Why register now?

From floods and hurricanes to possible terrorist attacks, our State and Nation need a cadre of trained professionals who:

  • Are willing and prepared to deploy.
  • Have registered with the State so we can verify them in advance of an emergency.
  • Don’t have to wait on paperwork to be completed before putting their skills to the test.

 Minimum requirements

Any licensed health care professional with an active, unencumbered state-issued license or certification is eligible to join the statewide volunteer unit, known as the State Managed Volunteer Pool.  Additionally, some counties have a local Medical Reserve Corps unit that is actively recruiting.  Apply for both groups through SERV-OR.ORG.




Secure website is https://serv-or.org/

Email :  SERV.OR@state.or.us 

Telephone: Toll-free at 1-877-343-5767