Data and Reports

These databases are available for your review and are intended as a starting point in your research. The databases are also not intended as a legal resource. The information and data within the databases are provided with the understanding that conclusions drawn from such information are the responsibility of the user.



Mapping applications

  • Drinking Water Protection Interactive Viewer
    This application allows the viewer to identify drinking water source areas for public water systems as well as statewide sites identified on regulatory databases and other land uses.
  • E-Cycles Collection Sites
    Find an Oregon E-Cycles collection site.  Oregon E-Cycles collection sites provide FREE recycling of computers, monitors and televisions to anyone bringing seven or fewer items for recycling at one time.
  • Facility Profiler-Lite
    This site contains information on closed facilities, completed cleanups and past operations as well as data on current operations and activities.
  • La Pine Demonstration Project
    Field data and/or flow and usage data
  • Longitude Latitude Identification (LLID)
    This application is not available at this time. Please email:  or call 503-229-5384.