Riverbend Landfill Overview

Current Update

DEQ approved a permit modification on May 30, 2013 allowing Waste Management to begin construction of a mechanically-stabilized earthen berm at Riverbend Landfill in McMinnville. The berm will increase capacity and extend the life of the landfill by two years.
After extensive public input, DEQ issued the permit because the project meets all applicable state and federal environmental laws.
Click here to view responses to comments that Mr. Leonard Rydell asked to have included in the official record.  This document provides responses to comments he provided to DEQ between April 6, 2012 and Jan. 8, 2013.


Riverbend Landfill is a public landfill located in McMinnville. Currently owned by Waste Management, the landfill has been in operation since 1982.
In March 2012, Waste Management applied to DEQ for a permit that would allow construction of a reinforced berm, which is technically referred to as a mechanically stabilized earthen berm. Construction of the berm would allow an additional one million cubic yards of disposal capacity, equal to about two years of landfill life, though it would not increase the landfill’s overall height. The berm would also increase the area of the landfill by four acres.
DEQ initiated a 35-day public comment period on the proposed permit, which ended April 5. DEQ also held an informational meeting and public hearing March 28 in McMinnville. More than 100 people attended the meeting and 36 people offered verbal comments. Additionally, approximately 300 people provided written comments to DEQ during the public comment period.
All the technical documents, reports and original public notices can be viewed here. Contact Information: Bob Schwarz: (541) 298-7255, ext. 230, toll free at 800-452-4011, or by email.