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Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery

On August 29, 2013, Cascade Kelly Holdings, LLC, applied to DEQ for a new Standard Air Contaminant Discharge Permit for a bulk organic liquid products storage and marine vessel loading operation. The organic liquid products identified to be handled by the facility include crude oil and ethanol. The company will do business as Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery.

Cascade Kelly Holdings, LLC, owns an existing permitted ethanol manufacturing facility at the location of this proposed new source. DEQ prepared a new permit and proposed it in a public notice period that began on Feb. 28, 2014 and was originally scheduled to end on April 11, 2014. DEQ held a public hearing for the proposed permit on April 3 at Clatskanie High School in Clatskanie, Oregon. During the hearing, DEQ received multiple requests for an extension of the comment period. In consideration of the requests, DEQ extended the public comment period until 5 p.m. on Monday, May 5. The public comment period is now closed and DEQ is no longer accepting formal comments towards this proposed permit action.
DEQ received a large number of public comments during the public hearing and throughout the public comment period. DEQ is mandated to prepare a formal written response to address each relevant, distinct issue raised during the comment period and during the hearing record. DEQ is presently reviewing the comments and will post our response to comments on this page. DEQ will specifically send our response to comments or a link to this document to all individuals that registered to be in attendance at the public hearing.
Review report
On April 3, 2014, DEQ held an informal question and answer session before the public hearing. A summary of the questions and answers presented during this event can be accessed below. Please note that this questions and answers summary is not to be considered DEQ’s formal response to public comments as identified above.
Questions and answers:
DEQ has received multiple questions and comments regarding the impact of train traffic. Please note - DEQ is not legally authorized to regulate trains, train traffic, or train safety. Therefore, the proposed permit contains no conditional requirements attempting to regulate such train related issues. For information about rail safety, land use, and dock expansion, view our agency contacts. 
DEQ Enforcement Action
On March 27, 2014, DEQ issued a civil penalty to Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery for establishing a new major source of air pollution without a permit and an order outlining what the company needs to do to come into compliance.
Please direct any media inquiries to Marcia Danab at 503-229-6488.