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Directives on Land Quality Issues


Hazardous Waste Fees for Remediation Wastes

Conducting Contained-In Determinations For Environmental Media

Using Immunity from Enforcement in the Hazardous Waste Technical Assistance Program


Clean Fill Determinations

Contaminant Delineation for Cleanup Projects

Facility Closure and Post Closure Care


Guidance for Obtaining a Department Research, Development, and Demonstration Permit


Underground Storage Tank Technical Assistance Inspection Program

Internal Management Directive: HW Management, Criteria for Applying Factors to Determine Significant Non-Complier Status (Supersedes Policy Number 2000-PO-002)

Conditions for Solid Waste Permit Exemption for On-Farm Anaerobic Digesters Under an ODA Issued Confined Animal Feeding Operation Permit

Developing Concentration Limits at Permitted Solid Waste Facilities


Determining an Exemption from Financial Assurance Requirements for Low-Risk Solid Waste Disposal Sites



E-Waste Handling Facility Permitting and Compliance 

Operations Plans to Implement Ban on Disposal of Covered Electronics Devices at Permitted Solid Waste Disposal Facilities 

Permit Required for Transfer of Solid Waste in Shrink-Wrapped Bales


Solid Waste Storage and Speculative Accumulation

DEQ Role in Very Small Facility Exemption Determination


Solid Waste Complaint Response

Determining Agriculture Use Exclusions From the Definition of, and Regulation as, Solid Waste

Wood Waste and Industrial Waste Landfills


Calculating Costs for Incineration of Pathological Waste in Oregon

Guidelines for Alternative Daily Cover Material Application

Management of Asbestos Containing Waste Material at Permitted Solid Wate Transfer Stations and Material Recovery Facilities


Beneficial Use of Solid Wast, Criteria for Assessing Potential Adverse Impacts

Household Hazardous Waste Collection - Facility Design and Operations Guidance

Hazardous Waste/Toxics Use Reduction

Specifications for the Use of Recycled Glass in Landfill Roadbeds

Every Other Week Collection of Recyclables Under the Opportunity to Recycle Rules