Adopted rule

Administrative Order No. DEQ 7-2015
Filed and effective April 16, 2015
See Oregon Bulletin - June 2015

Jill Inahara, 503-229-5001

DEQ revised its air quality permitting, Heat Smart and gasoline dispensing facility rules. The amendments clarify existing language, update standards to match revised federal standards, amend some permitting requirements, establish Lakeview as a state sustainment area while retaining its federal attainment designation, remove annual reporting requirements for small gasoline dispensing facilities and re-establish the Heat Smart woodstove replacement program exemption for regulated small commercial solid fuel boilers.

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Public involvement

Comment on this rulemaking closed on Sept. 15, 2014 at 5 p.m.

Public Notice Packet
includes invitation to comment, proposed rules, and notice


EQC action

EQC meeting date: April 16, 2015