Adopted rule

Administrative Order No. DEQ 1-2015
Filed and effective Jan. 7, 2015
Andrea Matzke, 503-229-5384

DEQ proposed new and amended water quality standards for ammonia rules in chapter 340, division 41 of the Oregon Administrative Rules. This proposal would:
  • Adopt U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's latest 2013 national recommendations for freshwater ammonia criteria.
  • Likely address the Jan. 31, 2013, EPA disapproval of Oregon's ammonia criteria that EQC adopted in 2004.
  • Correct an error in the stated applicability of the basin-specific pH standard for the main stem Snake River.
  • Amend the Umatilla Basin-specific standards and uses and remove a term from the definitions section to be consistent with EPA’s partial disapproval of DEQ’s site-specific criteria and use designations for the West Division Main Canal.
  • Incorporate “plain language” clarification to the amended rules to be consistent with Administrative Procedures Act requirements.

Public involvement

Comments on this rulemaking closed on Oct. 30, 2014.

Includes invitation to comment, proposed rules, notice, and technical support document