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Oregon's Public Records Law (OAR 340-011-0310-0390) guides access to public records.


DEQ responds to all records requests as quickly and transparently as possible. We do not charge for requests that take less than 15 minutes to process, except for the $7.50 base fee for onsite requests. There are three circumstances in which you may receive one free copy of a DEQ record:

  1. When the material is currently being distributed as part of a public participation process such as press releases or public notices;
  2. When the material has been distributed through a mass mailing and is readily available at DEQ at the time of the request; and
  3. When the requester has a current fee waiver.
If the request requires more than 15 minutes of staff time, and reproduction cost is over $25, DEQ staff will contact you about a time estimate and any costs associated with processing your request.
Type​ Fee​
Regular copies (8½" x 11")​ ​25¢ ea.
​Oversized copies ​50¢ ea.
Color copies​ ​$1 ea.
​Labor charge, hard copy reproductions $30/hour
​Labor charge, electronic reproductions ​$40/hour
​Shipping (US mail, Fedex, UPS, etc.) ​Actual cost
​Records sent to a DEQ off-site subcontractor ​Contracted fee
​Onsite/septic records ​$7.50 base fee

The state public records law (ORS 192.440(4) and (5)) says an agency may waive fees for providing records if the fee reduction is in the public interest because making the records available primarily benefits the general public. Fee waivers may be possible for news media, government organizations and non-profit organizations. 

Fill out a Fee Waiver/Reduction Request Form to apply for a fee waiver. 

What if I just want to look at records in person and don't need copies made?

We charge a fee for the time needed to gather the records you requested if it takes more than 15 minutes.


We will work with you to reduce the cost by narrowing the scope of your request, and by arranging to provide record reviews at a local DEQ office instead of copying and mailing records to you. We won’t charge you a records fee over $25 before discussing it with you in advance.

You may pay with cash or check at any DEQ office. Although DEQ is unable to accept credit/debit card payments online, we do accept credit/debit card payment (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) from government organizations, in-state payers (only if the amount exceeds $1,000), and out-of-state payers (any amount). If you meet the criteria, and wish to pay with credit/debit card, please use the Credit Card Payment form. When making your payment, please refer to your public record request ID name (located on your fee estimate).

If you receive a fee estimate of $1000 or more, you must prepay that amount. When the requested records have been compiled, you will receive a final statement of actual costs. That statement will show a credit of the prepayment amount. Any remaining balance must be paid before records are released to you.
If your fee estimate is $999 or less, pay is not necessary until you receive the final statement of actual costs. The amount owed on the final statement must be paid before records are released to you.
DEQ uses this form as part of its records fulfillment process. It allows us to track our progress in filling requests and ensures that we have your request documented accurately. For this reason, if you go to a DEQ office and ask for records, we will work with you to fill out the form.
The time needed to gather your records depends on the complexity, size and scope of your request. We strive to make our response time as short as possible.
DEQ follows the requirements set forth in Oregon's Public Records Law (OAR 340-011-0310-0390). You can find the Oregon Department of Justice guidelines for records requests and fee waivers in the Public Records and Meetings Manual.