AQ Programs

Oregon's Business Assistance Program provides technical assistance on air quality rules and related environmental issues. We help small businesses understand what rules apply to them, what requirements they need to comply with and what permitting requirements apply to their industry sector. We also work with them to find practical, cost-effective solutions to their environmental concerns.

The BAP works with trade associations, interest groups, suppliers, and directly with business owners. We focus on independently owned and operated businesses with 100 or fewer employees. However, we will provide assistance to any company that asks for help.

Navigating permitting requirements can be confusing; therefore, if you have any questions we recommend that you contact your regional technical assistant. They can help walk you through the permitting process.

The EPA recognized that the many facets of the 1990 Clean Air Act make it a difficult law to follow, particularly for smaller businesses with limited resources. As a result, the 1990 CAA required each state to develop a small business technical assistance program. With technical assistance limited to small business, it was necessary to define what qualifies a business as "small." Following are the criteria EPA established for state programs to define a small business:

  • Fewer than 100 employees
  • Independently owned and operated and not dominant in your industry
  • Not a major source for any regulated pollutant. The air emissions from your business must fall into one of the following categories:
    • For Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) air emissions are less than 10 tons per year (TPY) of any one or less than 25 TPY of any combination of HAPs
    • For other regulated pollutants (non-HAP) air emissions are less than 50 TPY of any one or less than 75 TPY of any combination of these pollutants
Using this definition, most businesses in Oregon are small businesses and are eligible for assistance from our small business assistance program. Because many small businesses are now subject to federal and/or state air quality regulations due to their air emissions, DEQ's Business Assistance Program is dedicated to providing technical and educational information to assist owners in proactively managing their emissions, and in understanding what is needed to comply with required regulations and/or permits.

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