AQ Programs

Beginning January 1, 2018, electric vehicle purchases made in Oregon are eligible to submit an initial Phase I application for a rebate under the Oregon DEQ EV Rebate and Charge Ahead Rebate program. 

This is Phase 1 of the application process.  Please note this initial application does not guarantee you will receive a rebate, as the Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) has not yet adopted final and complete program requirements.  DEQ will require submission of a Phase 2 application at a later date, once the EQC adopts additional application and eligibility requirements in rule.  These requirements will include a determination of which electric vehicles qualify for the rebate, the rebate amount, and other eligibility considerations.  These requirements are anticipated to be adopted in Spring 2018. As DEQ develops proposed requirements there will be opportunity for public comment that the EQC will consider prior to its adoption of final requirements.

DEQ will not review your application until funding is available, and after receipt of your Phase 2 application.  Funding for the program is not expected to be available until later in 2018.  Please note there is pending litigation surrounding the funding mechanism for the program.  There is a chance the litigation decision will result in no funds being available for the program, in which case DEQ will not issue any rebates at all.   

By submitting a complete Phase 1 application within six months of your purchase made after January 1, 2018, you have met the first general application requirement.  When a Phase 2 application is required, DEQ will notify all Phase 1 applicants that they must submit additional information as part of Phase 2.  After reviewing your Phase 2 application, DEQ will determine if you are eligible for the rebate based on final program requirements adopted in rule.