Materials Management

In December 2012, the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission adopted Materials Management in Oregon: 2050 Vision and Framework for Action. This document serves as an update to the state's Solid Waste Management Plan (1995-2005).

How can I participate?

DEQ is moving forward implementing the Vision the same way it developed it, with extensive stakeholder input.


What’s in the Framework for Action?

The Framework for Action lays out pathways to reduce environmental impacts by managing materials throughout their lifecycle.
    • Foundations
      This work will create the solid foundation necessary to achieve the 2050 Vision. Foundational work includes setting goals and measuring outcomes, supporting and performing research, and securing stable funding.
    • Policies and regulations
      DEQ will evaluate and develop policies and regulations that put Oregon on the path toward achieving the 2050 Vision. Collaboration and partnershipsCoordination throughout the life cycle of materials and products will support innovative solutions. DEQ will collaborate with other state agencies, businesses, local governments and nongovernmental organizations.
    • Education and information
      DEQ will share information it develops with partners for distribution to appropriate audiences.
    DEQ began implementing high-priority actions from this framework in spring 2013.