Materials Management

Beginning in July 2022, all tenants of multi-tenant residential and commercial properties in cities over 4,000 people and cities within the Metro Service District will have new opportunities to recycle under Oregon law.
In 1983, with the passing of the Opportunity to Recycle Act, residents and businesses with garbage collection service were also given the opportunity to recycle. For the last 34 years, this opportunity has not been fully extended to tenants of multi-tenant properties, including residential and commercial. That decision to subscribe to recycling collection service has been made by the property owner or manager.
In some cases, cities extend multifamily recycling to tenants as part of the optional state recycling program elements. Some cities also have various materials collection programs for businesses including recycling and wasted food.
Starting this fall through the next year, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality will be working with groups who are part of the system that would provide recycling to tenants. The committee will determine what is necessary to extend recycling opportunities to tenants. Groups could include those who represent tenants, property owners, garbage and recycling collection companies, local and regional governments, and more.
DEQ is conducting state-wide research this summer to understand how many multifamily and multi-commercial properties have recycling, what successful programs look like, and what the opportunities are to improve the system. Staff will also be looking for feedback from various stakeholders on what works and doesn’t work when providing recycling with shared recycling service.

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