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DHS 2013 - 2015 Agency Requested Budget

Legislative Action

Legislative Action HB 5030
Legislative Action HB 5701
Legislative Action SB 1579
Legislative Action - Nov. 2011 E-board
Legislative Action - May 2012 E-board

Strategic Funding Proposals

Economy and Jobs

POP 103-1 JOBS Program Structure Adj
POP 107-1 Expansion of Client Service
POP 107-2 WIN Benefits Planning Svcs
POP 107-3 Expansion of Pogram Tech Support


POP 105-1 ERDC Caseload

Improving Government

POP 101-(9 and 7) Shared Services OIT



POP 101-(1-6) Workforce Strategy Investment
POP 101-(8) IT Infrastructure
POP 104-1-Enhancement to Family Support and Connections
POP 106-1 Post Adoption Program Buyback
POP 106-2 Diff Response Positons
POP 106-3 ICWA 25 Positions
POP 106-4 ICWA Shift Differential
POP 106-6 Title IV-E Foster Care Elig Rate
POP 106-7 and 111-1 and-112-1 DHS Licensing Staff for Workload Increase
POP 111-2 Adult Protective Services Positions

 Healthy People

POP 201-1 Medicare Buy-in Post Acute Svcs Transfer to OHA
POP 102-1 and 102-5 Self Sufficiency Staffing
POP 102-4 DHS Modernization
POP 108-1 APD Innovations and Pilots
POP 108-11 Care-Coordination and ADRC Dev
POP 108-12 Implement Workload Model
POP 108-13 LTC-3-0 Infastructure Investment
POP 108-15 HCW Application and EDMS
POP 108-17 DHS-OHA Caseload Contingency Fund
POP 108-2 HCBS Rate Increase
POP 108-5 Specialized Living Supports
POP 109-1 Family-to-Family Network Expansion
POP 109-2 Implementation of Rebar Rates
POP 109-3 Employment First Impact to OVRS
POP 109-5 Contracted Service Costs Rollup
POP 109-6 In-Home Support Services Rate Increases
POP 109-7 Restoration of QA Positions
POP 109-8 DD Provider Capacity Conversion
POP 109-9 Electronic Records System for DD
POP 108-3 and 108-14 Mental Health Enhancement
POP 108-4 and 108-16 OPI and Case Mgmt Expansion


Special Reports

Affirmative Action
Audit Response
Developmental Disabilitiess Community Housing
Facility Proposal Impact
Gender Equity
HB 2020-4131 Actions
DHS Modernization Project
Computer and Network Investments Project
OR Kids Project
DHS Modernization Business Case
Major Equiment COP