Merging ovals that say Diversity and Inclusion, Affirmative Action, Service Equity and Equal Employment

Equal Employment Opportunity

Ensuring equal access for our employees and contractors and compliance with employment policy, laws and regulations

  • Investigate workforce claims of discrimination and harassment
  • Monitor all personnel actions such as recruitments, promotions, and separations for Adverse Impact 
  • Ensure legal and policy compliance with Civil Rights laws such as ADA Title I and the 1964 Civil Rights Act

Affirmative Action

Correcting past discrimination and achieving a diverse representative workforce

  • Affirmative Action Plan
  • Using workforce data to identify problem areas
  • Setting employment goals based on population data of incumbents vs. availability
  • Applying corrective “good faith” action programs
  • Promoting diversity in our suppliers and vendors

Diversity and Inclusion

Creating a productive and inclusive workforce at DHS

  • Promoting diversity and inclusion in decision making throughout the agency. Learn more about the P.A.U.S.E. model
  • Advocating for diverse and inclusive leadership
  • Conflict resolution and intercultural communication
  • Recruitment, promotion, and retention of staff who are representative of the people we serve
  • Coordinating diversity training and development and continuous learning
  • Strategic planning and provisioning of diversity and inclusion
  • Developing metrics for diversity and inclusion goals and outcomes

Service Equity

Securing equal access and outcomes for our clients through our programs and policies

  • Universal and equal access to our services for all clients
  • Monitoring compliance with state, federal, and legal requirements for services to underserved populations
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Implementing strategies to close gaps in our services or outcomes
  • Reporting metrics that measure our success in providing equal access to services
  • Working with the Governor’s Advocacy Office on client complaints and programs