Foster Parents and Relative Caregivers

Foster parents and relative caregivers in Oregon are required to complete training to fulfill certification and renewal requirements. 

  • Training is provided at no cost to foster parents/relative caregivers.
  • Courses are offered throughout the state and can be taken in any county that meets foster parent/relative caregiver needs.
  • Each certified adult in a foster parent or relative caregiver home is required to have 30 hours of training during each two year certification period. Review Training Requirements for renewal.

Foundations Training

Individuals wishing to become foster parents are required to complete 24 training hours of Foundations training. Foundations training is offered in an 8 week session format. Please contact the training coordinator to find out the dates and times Foundations courses are being offered.

Ongoing Training

The Department of Human Services (DHS) partners with Portland State University (PSU) to provide ongoing training for foster, relative and adoption providers. Training is available in a variety of settings including seminars and workshops, conferences, on-line sessions, webinars and traditional classroom settings. Some trainers are also available to provide specific and targeted training to smaller groups by request.

Additional Training Resources

  • Foster Parent Orientation Manual  - This manual gives practical information and guidance about DHS Child Welfare, ongoing training, medical care, travel, the role of the court, visitation plans and more.
  • Foster Parent College - Interactive training courses for foster and adoptive parents and relative caregivers.
  • Foster Care and Adoptive Community - FCAC Online Training offers hundreds of courses (some interactive) with new topics added continuously. Certificates are immediately generated with the passing of a course test and are either emailed or downloaded directly. Certificates contain your name, course title, hours credited, and date.
  • FosterClub Online Training - FosterClub is a national network for young people in foster care. It provides young people in foster care an opportunity to connect and gain support from their peers. The non-profit organization also provides online training and resources for foster parents.
  • offers foster parent training and education including books, newsletters, articles and on-line training.
  • Foster Parent Lending Library - This Foster Parent Lending Library is Free for Oregon Foster, Relative, and Pre-Adoptive Parents. There are over 1,000 books including Childrens' and Spanish titles.​