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The new OR-Kids child welfare information system was implemented August 29, 2011.
The OR-Kids Project was chartered to replace existing computer systems serving Oregon child welfare.
The OR-Kids project is monitored by internal steering committees and is accountable to the Legislature.
Changes to Invoice Processing
Beginning June 1, 2012, DHS Child Welfare will no longer generate and send a List Invoice to contracted providers. Please refer to the materials and Q&A below for more information about this change.
Q & A:
  1. How do I know which person to send my invoice to at the local DHS office?
    The Local Office Contact list for List invoices is included in the Materials list above. Contractors can also simply address the invoice to "C/O Office Manager." The DHS optional invoice includes a menu of all local branch offices and addresses, and they can also be found here: http://oregon.gov/DHS/children/Pages/localoffices.aspx

  2. Do I have to re-invoice DHS for services provided since the OR-Kids system went live (August 2011)?
    No. Contractors are NOT required to re-invoice DHS for services provided prior to June 1st, 2012.

  3. What is the information required by DHS if I choose to create my own invoice?
    The minimum required information for submission to DHS is:
    • Identified Participant Name
    • Identified Participant Number (OR-Kids#)
    • Branch or District Office for which service was provided
    • Number of Units provided for each service
    • Begin and End dates of Service Provision
    • Service Type and Service Category
    • OR-Kids Case Number
    • Contract Number
    • Authorized signature of contractor

  4. Does this change mean I will need to create a separate invoice for each local office I serve?
    Yes. Contractors will need to invoice each local branch office individually, as they will only be validating services provided to their office.

  5. How will I receive the information I need to complete the invoice?
    Each local office, resource developer and contract administrator will be working to ensure that they have a system in place by June 2012 to transmit the necessary information to the contractor at the time authorization for the contracted service/placement is given. Contractors will likely receive additional information on this process from their administrator.
  6. What is the benefit of this change?
    There are multiple benefits:
    • Contractors will experience greater control over the timing of their billing process and invoice organization.
    • Services billed to DHS will be able to be more accurately validated.
    • Contractors will be paid more quickly.

  7. Is this change statewide?
    Yes. The process change applies to all contracted providers who currently receive an invoice from DHS. Local districts/branches may have additional specific directions for their contractors, and they will communicate those as necessary.
  8. Who can I contact with additional questions about this change?
    Contractors can contact the Provider Support Line at 503-947-5709 with any questions. Additionally, they may contact their Contract Administrator or Resource Developer.