DHS Five-Minute Update on Oregon Health Plan Transformation
April 17, 2012


Frequently Asked Questions: OHP Clients & CCOs

As we move closer toward implementation of Coordinated Care Organizations, we want to make sure all Oregon Health Plan clients have the information they need to stay up-to-date and informed on what this means for them and their health care. In the past weeks, FAQs have been created to help clients find answers to their questions and to help staff answer client questions as they pertain to CCOs.


You can access the FAQ: OHP Clients & CCOs document online at health.oregon.gov and staff can find a similar document on the Health Transformation Blog on the OHA/DHS Intranet site.


What does this change mean for OHP clients?

One of the most important things to remember is that Oregon Health Plan medical benefits will not change. What will change is how those benefits are delivered. Coordinated Care Organizations are designed to be patient-centered. Oregon Health Plan clients may not see much difference under CCOs if they already see a primary care provider, or doctor, regularly. Clients that don’t currently have access to such patient-centered care will have more options available. And under CCOs, the vision is that additional services and supports are available for OHP clients who have chronic conditions, like diabetes, or other health issues.


When Coordinated Care Organizations form in clients’ local communities, we will let clients know at least 30 days ahead of time.


Health care providers who want to form a CCO are also required to hold a public information session about their plans for the community, before they can be approved. As the Oregon Health Authority is notified of public information sessions, they will be posted online for the public to find and attend.