DHS Five-Minute Update on Oregon Health Plan Transformation

May 3, 2012


Governor Kitzhaber, Obama Administration announce agreement

Governor Kitzhaber and the Obama Administration today announced an agreement in principle to coordinate care for the more than 600,000 Oregon Health Plan members. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has given preliminary approval of a five-year, $1.9 billion demonstration of a Federal-State partnership to transform the way we deliver care to Oregon Health Plan recipients. The initial investment of $620 million in the second year of the State’s current biennium will allow CCOs to deliver high-quality, coordinated care for Medicaid patients while reducing preventable health conditions. Oregon estimates that this will achieve $11 billion in savings over the next decade. You can read the Governor’s press release to learn more.


First round of technical applications submitted

Monday was the due date for the first round of technical applications for potential Coordinated Care Organizations. Fourteen Oregon-based entities submitted the first part of the application to become a CCO. If all were approved, more than 90 percent of OHP clients would have access to care through a CCO. The names of the CCO applicants are listed on cco.health.oregon.gov. The full applications will be posted as soon as they have gone through a completeness review. The Oregon Health Authority will spend the next several weeks reviewing the applications and the first CCOs will be certified May 28, 2012.