DHS Five-Minute Update on Oregon Health Plan Transformation

May 18, 2012


Patient-Centered Primary Care Home update

As communities across the state become involved in efforts to implement Coordinated Care Organizations, more and more patient-centered primary care homes are being recognized for their commitment to improving the health and care of all Oregonians. To date, over 150 health clinics have been recognized as patient-centered primary care homes. A list of recognized clinics can be found by visiting www.primarycarehome.oregon.gov. Primary care homes are at the heart of Oregon’s health system transformation efforts. Coordinated Care Organizations are required to include recognized primary care homes in their networks of care to the extent possible. Expanding the availability of primary care homes will provide better access to care now and strengthen the primary care networks as CCOs emerge.


Improving the health of Oregonians

Recognized primary care homes are committed to working with patients and other providers on prevention, better coordination and better management of chronic conditions. Steven Calhoun is a great example of how patient-centered care can improve the health of Oregonians. You can read Steven’s story to see how his primary care home, La Clinica of Grants Pass, helped him manage his multiple health conditions to live a healthier life.


Materials and website

Mevolves and expands, more materials and updates to the website are being developed to keep you informed. Fact sheets and resources for both providers and patients can be found on www.primarycarehome.oregon.gov. For DHS staff, we have created the new DHS Health System Transformation website at: http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/hst/index.shtml -- be sure to bookmark that page. There’s also a separate page for Adults and People with Disabilities, linked off the DHS page, at: http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/hst/apd.shtml -- bookmark that one, too.


If you have questions, please contact us at: communications.dhs@state.or.us