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Hello DHS,

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend, so I'll do just a couple of brief items today in recognition of the short work week:

1) In last week's message, I shared some of the organizational decisions that have been made about our offices and some new leaders. Those offices and the five DHS Program Areas have updated their organization charts on the Intranet, so you can see the new structures for yourselves. The Office of Program Integrity and the Office of IT Business Supports aren't posted at this time -- but I expect those final decisions to be made by April 1, and we'll post their new org designs then. Check out the link, and I look forward to the work we still have to do as we continue to move our organization forward into the future:

2) On another issue that is on everyone's mind, we expect to have more information this week on the ongoing discussions and negotiations to finalize the state budget, including the decisions about the DHS budget. As I said last week, there are more steps until we know what will actually be part of the final decisions on the budget, but we know there will be impacts to our clients and to our organization. Many of you have e-mailed me to say you're doing your best not to worry about things we don't yet know and over which we have little control. Thank you for those emails, and please know that there are many people, myself among them, who are actively working to ensure that our clients and your good work are on the minds of those making the decisions. One of my favorite legislative session quotes comes from an advocate who, in response to the question, "how are things" said, "I had a good week yesterday." To me, that represents how many of us are feeling right now: Every day without knowing what's about to happen feels like a week -- or longer! As you go about this week, know that your work is appreciated. You'll hear from me again this week with another update. And in the meantime, let's make it a good day.


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