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Hello DHS,

Our 2012 Governor's Food Drive is wrapping up and I just want to take a moment to personally thank you for your efforts and generosity. Tomorrow is the official last day for this year's fundraising efforts, but there's still time for you to give back to your fellow Oregonians.

I know these are tough times for all of us, yet this year's Food Drive has been a huge success!

As always, employees are coming through for their fellow Oregonians and donating their valuable time and hard earned money. Many employees have volunteered for various event through the Food Drive; others have made donations through specific events, auctions, bake sales, raffles, etc. The Governor's Challenge to state employees was to do a payroll deduction of $12 a month, but I know times are tight financially for many. This effort is simply one more way those of who are able can help enhance the lives of those who live in our local communities across the state.

As always, I am proud to be your Director. And I'm proud of the dedication, generosity and commitment you continue to show.

Thank you for all you do,


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