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Hello DHS,

It’s finally spring, and the beginning of spring has always meant a time of renewal and new beginnings. Today, I want to continue the conversation about our DHS renewal, reaffirmation and recommitment to working together in new ways to achieve better results for our clients. Those outcomes are what we all want and are working to achieve: safety, health, independence, family stability and employment.

One way that we’ve been doing that is through the restructure of our reporting relationships and our organizational chart. You have all played a big role in the final version we are announcing today. Thank you for your thoughtful input and your constructive criticism as we set the foundation for DHS for the next decade.

As I’ve said before, our goal of the restructure is to more clearly define roles and accountability for three areas: Operations, Program Design and Service Delivery. The DHS structure now does precisely that. We are more clearly aligned than ever before, and we now have the direct responsibility and leadership to achieve our goals.

For most employees, the restructure has not changed your day-to-day work at all, but for others the new structure has cleared away some of the barriers you faced in getting your jobs done in the best way possible. Our continued work with Continuous Improvement and Modernization will keep than momentum going, too.

It’s an exciting time at DHS, but it is also a challenging time as never before. So spring is a good symbol for us – a time of renewal and new beginnings, but with the constant focus on our mission to our clients, their families, our partners and communities.

A link to the organization chart is included below, and if you have questions about the chart or how it furthers our mission, check in with your supervisor.

Have a great week – and I hope many of you can spend some Spring Break time with your friends and families. It’s a wonderful time of year.


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