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Cheryl's Thank-You Letter

Hello DHS,

At DHS, we keep our vision of safety, health and independence for all Oregonians front and center in our work to serve the public. That can be tough when we're struggling with growing caseloads and watch the media concentrate on our challenges more often than our successes.

But your good work does get noticed -- sometimes from those you least expect, like nine-year-old Cheryl Collette Coats. Cheryl is from Deschutes County and she sent us a thank you note for the SNAP benefits her family is receiving. She also sent along a picture of herself after she proudly finished a fun run. Cheryl is among the approximate 806,000 people in Oregon receiving SNAP benefits today. As you will see in her letter, Cheryl thinks SNAP benefits help her academically.

We often think of SNAP and the many other services and supports we provide as tools to help individuals and families overcome the challenging times in their lives. Cheryl reminds us that our programs are also long-term investments in Oregon's future.

When children can switch their focus from hunger to learning, they get a better foothold in school and have a better chance for a successful future. The stability, safety and good health you help families achieve today will help children reach their potential and make positive contributions to Oregon in the future.

Cheryl's words of appreciation touched my heart and I thought it was important to share them. I hope they brighten your day, and I also thank you for all you do.


Thank-you letter

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