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December 17, 2012: Governor's Recommended Budget - Investments & Side-by-Side Comparison

Hello DHS,

I promised to keep you all informed about the Governor's Recommended Budget (GRB), and today we've posted two new documents to help provide context and more details. These two documents provide a basic description of the facts of the budget and do not communicate the impact of the GRB on any DHS programs. The fact-based descriptions here are intended to provide you with a clear reading of what the GRB does, particularly as compared to where things are today.

Online, you will find:
-- Summary of investments in the GRB (POP list)

-- Side-by-Side comparison of current budget to GRB

As I said in an earlier message, there are three things I hope you keep in mind as you review these documents:

  1. First, be aware that the revenue available for next biennium is not enough to support everything state government pays for today doing it the same way we do things now. There are some difficult choices reflected in the budget - in our agency and in other areas.
  2. Second, the Governor's Recommended Budget also invests significantly in many of our programs, focusing on our outcomes and advancing several of our priority initiatives around safety, health and independence.
  3. Finally, this is just the very first step in a long process that will result in our final 2013-15 budget. The Legislature ultimately may make different decisions about our budget than are reflected in the documents you see today. We will be working closely with the Governor and the Legislature as they move forward with next steps.

Please share the links above with your partners and stakeholders. All the information contained in both documents is public record and can be e-mailed, as needed.

In the meantime, if you have questions about the budget after reviewing the information released today, please send them to -- and we will do our best to promptly get you the information you need.


FYI -- Everything about DHS budgets (past and present) is online.
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