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Nursing Facilities 

7/20/2017July Nursing Facility News Hour Handouts
7/18/2017July Nursing Facility News Hour
7/11/2017APD Rate Schedule Effective July 1, 2017
6/28/2017Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017
6/22/2017CMS Notification Related to Resident Privacy
6/20/2017Nursing Facility MDS-RAI Training 2017
6/20/2017Infection Prevention Workshops June and July 2017
5/3/2017April Nursing Facility Reschedule May 4 2017
4/20/2017CANCELLED NF April News Hour
4/19/2017April 2017 Nursing Facility News Hour
4/18/2017Nursing Facility Safety Check Visits
4/14/2017Payment Error Rate Measurement Audit 4.14.2017
4/14/2017Provider Training - Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM)
4/3/20172017 Nursing Facility Medicaid Reimbursement Rate Change
3/20/2017Provider Settlement Agreement Letter 3.20.2017
2/17/2017Prisoners in Nursing Facilities
2/14/2017Corrective Action Safety Plans 2017
1/18/2017Influenza and Hospital Admissions
11/16/2016Medicare Advantage Plans - Solicitation Concerns in Nursing Facilities
11/10/2016Nursing Facility Payment Error Rate Measurement 2017
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Residential Care, Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities​


7/3/2017Admin alert News Hour reminder July 2017
7/3/2017Admin alert social media abuse June 2017 (002)
6/28/2017Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017
4/27/2017Welcome to Community Based Care Webinar.ppt April 2017ppt
4/19/2017ALF_RCF_Skype Fact Sheet_FINAL 2017
4/14/2017Payment Error Rate Measurement Audit 4.14.2017
4/14/2017Provider Training - Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM)
3/28/2017Providers to notify CM with COC march 2017
3/20/2017Settlement Letter 2017
2/27/2017Admin alert Live Well Feb 2017
2/22/2017CBC-Tray Service Fees 2.23.2017
2/14/2017Provider alert 2017Corrective Action Safety Plans
1/20/2017Influenza and Hospital Admissions - CBC
1/9/2017Admin alert News Hour reminder Jan 2017
12/22/2016Admin alert staff updates Dec 2016
11/22/2016Admin alert Douglas County Nov 2016
10/14/2016Extreme Weather - Emergency Preparedness Alert
10/3/2016Admin alert News Hour reminder October 2016
8/18/2016Upcoming Webinars Use of antipsychotic medication.doc 2016
7/14/2016Burkholderia Cepacia Outbreaks
4/8/20162016 Survey Process Guide_cv edits
1/29/2016Admin alert PSU questionaire Jan 2016
12/1/2015Admin alert Christmas decorations 2015 a
10/28/2015Welcome to Community Based Care Webinar.ppt Oct 2015ppt
10/2/2015Admin alert CBC news hour reminder Oct 2015 corrected
8/19/2015Admin alert CS1 Aug 2015
6/1/2015Oregon Care Partners Free Upcoming Training
5/22/2015Fast Facts Brochure
5/22/2015Provider Alert - Fast Facts brochure
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