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Nursing Facilities

1/21/2016Nursing Education Advisory Group - Survey
1/21/2016Nursing Education Advisory Group Questionaire Profiles
1/21/2016Unit ProfilesSupplemental
1/21/2016Nursing Facility News Hour Notes January 2016
1/12/2016Infection Control Training - Feb 23-25 - Oregon Patient Safety Commission
1/12/2016Flyer - Oregon Patient Safety Commission - Infection Control Training - Feb 23-25 2016
1/8/2016Nursing Facility January News Hour
11/3/2015No-Cost and In-Person Training for November 2015
10/30/2015October NF News Hour Notes
10/27/2015Medicaid Nursing Facility Financial Statements Due Oct 30 2015
10/7/2015Payroll Based Journal Staffing Data System 10.6.2015
9/11/2015MAGI Claims Adjustment
9/4/2015Nursing Facility CNA Training Program Survey
8/31/2015Pre-Approval Required for PASRR IDD Respite
8/31/2015IDD Respite Pre-Approval Template
7/9/2015Cancellation Nursing Facility July 2015 News Hour
7/2/20152015 Nursing Facility Financial Statement
6/25/2015Extreme Heat Precautions
6/1/2015Oregon Care Partners Free Upcoming Training
5/26/2015Nursing Facility News Hours Notes April 2015
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Residential Care, Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities

6/1/2015Oregon Care Partners Free Upcoming Training
5/22/2015Fast Facts Brochure
5/22/2015Provider Alert - Fast Facts brochure
3/19/2015CBC Provider Suvery
1/30/2015Admin alert Jan 2015 rule changes
1/5/2015Administrator alert Dementia models Jan 2015
12/31/2014Survey of CBC Facility Information for Oregon Legislature Report
11/3/2014Admin alert, CBC Provider alert training infection control nov 2014
10/1/2014CBC Provider alert CBC news hour reminder Oct 1st
9/10/2014Admin alert, CBC Provideralert Sept 2014 RN delegation training WEBINAR notice
9/9/2014Admin alert, CBC Provideralert Sept 2014 RN delegation training
9/5/2014Admin alert, CBC Provider alert Sept 2014 RN delegation training
8/19/2014Oregon Wage and Fringe Benefit Survey-Reminder
8/19/2014Wage and Fringe Benefit Survey FAQSupplemental
7/24/2014Welcome to Community Based Care Webinar.ppt July 2014ppt
7/15/2014Admin Alert CBC news hour reminder July 2014
7/14/2014Admin alert1, CBC news hour schedule change June 2014 final
7/14/2014Oregon Wage and Fringe Benefit Survey
6/19/2014Admin alert, CBC news hour schedule change June 2014
5/16/2014PERM Education Webinar Cycle 3
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