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Oregon Intervention System Training
OIS training   

What is OIS?

OIS is a process for implementing Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) and safe intervention in community programs.

Who is required to take the OIS training?

If you or your staff work with individuals who have developmental disabilities that present challenging and potentially dangerous behavior, Oregon Administrative Rule requires you or your staff to have OIS training.

Who provides OIS training?

Only OIS trainers who carry the Independent or Mentor designation may train staff who work outside the trainer's agency. Contact an Independent or Mentor trainer or contact the OIS project for more information and assistance.

How do I know which level of OIS is needed?

  • Anyone who reasonably anticipates the need to apply intervention should take a General (G) level OIS workshop.
  • Anyone who supports an individual who has an OIS intervention written into a Behavior Support Plan should be trained to the Individual Focus (IF) level of OIS.
  • Foster homes certified at level 2B need either a G or IF level workshop.
  • Authorized crisis providers may be certified to a Crisis (C) level OIS workshop.

What is the OIS workshop like?

  • The current curriculum integrates the principles of PBS, person centered practices, self-determination, and community participation. The core principles in the OIS curriculum emphasize proactive and preventative measures, adherence to sound and proven behavioral theory and practices, and as a last resort, safe and effective crisis strategies and techniques.
  • The OIS workshop utilizes a standardized PowerPoint presentation. Scenarios, role plays, class exercises, and assessments are incorporated into the workshop. Many OIS instructors provide handouts to participants.
  • The workshop takes 16 hours to complete.
  • Participants are certified in OIS for up to two years.
  • The workshop is revised and updated at least every two years.

How can I access an OIS workshop?

Contact the OIS project or the County DD Program.

What is the cost of the workshop?

The cost of an OIS workshop ranges from $350 - $800, depending on the level of certification. Travel expenses are not included.

How do I know if someone is currently OIS certified?

If you need to know whether someone is currently OIS certified, please contact Breeze Lukrofka, OIS Database Assistant.