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Supports for Residents with Vision Impairments

Worksite Redesign Technical Advisory Project

  1. Light/dark contrasting paint to identify doorways
  2. Light/dark contrast between floors and walls (either dark baseboard and light walls and floor, or dark floors and light walls)
  3. Color contrast between countertops in kitchen, bath, utility rooms and floors/walls
  4. As much as possible, things need to be recessed into walls rather than project out (toilet, paper holders, fire extinguishers, etc.)
  5. Direction of cabinet pull handles-horizontal, not vertical
  6. Don't use throw rugs-they are a tripping hazard
  7. Definition/contrast where surface type or level changes (e.g. tile to carpet)
  8. Landscape backfilling needs to be maintained (e.g. no gaps between yards and sidewalks, potholes filled in, etc.)
  9. Need to be aware of wall surface textures for people who are trailing (e.g. rough brick wall surfaces can especially be a problem)
  10. Exterior wires that run along walls (sometimes seen in retrofits) need to be encased so person trailing does not get caught in them
  11. Pay particular attention to kitchen safety, hot surfaces, pan handles, sharps, open door/drawer on appliances
  12. Assure consistent furniture placement
  13. Provide environmental adaptations to give clients control