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Future of Long-Term Care for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Seven key questions for the future of long-term care

The Future of Long-term Care Workgroup has been asked to look at seven key questions, and develop a set of recommendations around these questions. Preliminary recommendations under consideration are included in the draft report. To comment on the questions or the report, click here.

  1. What specific research or data about senior and disability population trends are needed to guide the development of the long-range plan?

    Staff Lead: Julia Huddleston
    Workgroup: Jerry Cohen, Meredith Cote, Margaret Neal

  2. What evidence-based practices can be taken to scale which will promote healthy aging and prevent or mitigate the chronic conditions or diseases that frequently trigger a person's need for long-term care?

    Staff Lead: Megan Hornby
    Workgroup: Marilyn Hinds, Margaret Neal, Mary Shortall

  3. What broad and effective public and private sector strategies can be developed to encourage Oregonians to plan for their retirement and long-term care needs using appropriate financial and retirement tools?  Examples should include LTC insurance, estate planning, reverse mortgages, living wills, choice counseling, etc.

    Staff Lead: Julia Huddleston
    Workgroup: Joel Ario, Steve Austin, Steve Fogg, Ruth Shepherd

  4. What models of elder and disability-friendly communities could Oregon replicate that would help keep seniors and people with disabilities healthy and safe in their home neighborhoods and communities?

    Staff Lead: Lee Girard
    Workgroup: Jane Baumgarten, David Fuks, Kimberly Powell

  5. What non-entitlement based set of safety net services might be offered to seniors and people with disabilities for whom a little help would delay their need for comprehensive long-term care supports?

    Staff Lead: Mary Lee Fay
    Workgroup: Don Bruland, Ruth McEwen, Lucille Pugh

  6. With a concern that future revenues may not stretch to pay for a vastly expanded population using the current mix of service choices, what changes in the array of services should be considered?  How might the concept of "bounded choice" (from the previous Governor's task force) be incorporated?

    Staff Leads: Mary Lee Fay, Julia Huddleston, Cindy Hannum
    Workgroup: Lynn Cameron, Jim Carlson, Barry Donenfeld, Ruth Gulyas, Sharon Miller, Mike Volpe, Bill Uehlein

  7. What cost-effective and quality-based combinations of acute care and long-term care could Oregon develop to serve certain individuals with chronic conditions and diseases?

    Staff Lead: Tina Kitchin
    Workgroup: Emily Dazey, David Ford, Bruce Goldberg, Don Keister, John Mullin, Doug Stone

Latest News

The GCSS report on the future of long-term care and long-range planning, "Riding the Wave: A Call to Action ".


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