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AMH Transformation Initiatives and Events

AMH Transformation Initiatives and Events

Initiative: Streamline/facilitate addiction and mental health client transitions through different levels of care. 


Description: Streamline how children, adults, older adults, and those who need enhanced care transition through the mental health and addiction system of services.





Initiative: Vacancy payments

Description: By implementing new policies, procedures, and an Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) AMH will eliminate the past practice of paying for vacancies in community-based adult residential treatment programs. Money can then be spent on actual residential services used.

Initiative: NIATx expansion

Description: Expand the number of addiction treatment providers in Oregon who will employ a simple process improving model that will make more efficient use of capacity, and improve access and retention. The Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment (NIATx) also emphasizes the value of learning how to track and communicate improvements that have been made.

Initiative: Adult Mental Health Initiative 

Description: Adult Mental Health Initiative (AMHI) is designed to promote more effective utilization of current capacity in facility based treatment settings, increase care coordination, and increase accountability at a local and state level. It is also designed to promote the availability and quality of individualized community based services and supports so that adults with mental illness are served in the least restrictive environment possible and use of long term institutional care is minimized.

Initiative: Process Improvements at Oregon State Hospital 

Description: Apply Lean principles to streamline administrative processes at the Oregon State Hospital.


CNA Hiring


Physician Billing

Nurse Hiring

Group Note Documentation


Initiative: Develop and implement standards for quality of care delivered by the Oregon State Hospital staff 

Description: Identify best practices across wards and standardize by establishing a set of quality metrics to be tracked and routinely compared across wards; intervene to change practices in underperforming wards.


Dietary Consultants

Initiative: OSH Diversion - NewPATH Description 

Description: This initiative focuses on exploring and developing new service models that will address behaviors that in the past have caused people to be referred to Geropsychiatric Treatment Services (GTS) in OSH or have contributed to a person's slow release from GTS.

Initiative: Streamline administrative and operational processes in the AMH central office 

Description: Apply Lean principles to streamline processes at the AMH central office such as how files are maintained, and supplies are ordered and stored.


Electronic Filing System

Initiative: Implement the Lean Daily Management System (LDMS) in the AMH central office and Oregon State Hospital 

Description: LDMS will be implemented in AMH to establish a common management approach across working teams and units. Trained Lean Practitioners will engage their co-workers with huddling, visual display boards, team objectives and "5-S" activities.