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Transformation Partnerships Initiatives

Organizational planning chart

Initiative: Policy Councils and Governance Forum


Purpose: Form division-specific policy councils for program administrators and DHS division staff and create a governance forum for county commissioners, judges and DHS executive staff from all divisions that enables members to access and have input into DHS planning and policy-making at the earliest practical stage. Create a forum for counties and DHS to raise issues and seek systematic, collaborative solutions.


Goal: Improve communication and collaboration in decision-making.
Many partner relationships are defined in statute, which allocates authority and funding responsibility between DHS and its partners. Consistent communication and close collaboration in policy planning and rulemaking are essential elements of successful partnerships. Together DHS and its partners will provide technical assistance and common structures to resolve issues and improve client services.

Status: Memoranda of Understanding that set out the frequency, forum and scope of Policy Council meetings are in place between DHS and local government professional bodies. Governance Forum started meeting in fall 2009.

Initiative: Streamlining Processes and Reducing County Administrative Burdens


Purpose: Systematically examine county and state service delivery processes and DHS administrative requirements for counties to eliminate those that are obsolete, excessive or do not produce a suitable return on investment. Streamline processes to ensure services are delivered in the most effective, efficient way possible.


Goal: Improve service delivery and measure success.
Currently there are many models of client service. While flexibility is essential, there are opportunities to work together to examine and streamline or eliminate administrative burdens, and to identify best practices for service delivery and make them part of our everyday work. By working with counties to identify the administrative burdens and to define best practices, both DHS and its partners will streamline processes, boost efficiency and measure progress to guide future improvement planning.


Status: Interviews were conducted with four pilot counties (Coos, Klamath, Crook and Clackamas) to develop a baseline questionnaire. The survey will be distributed to the human services departments of each Oregon county. The responses will assist the team in the development of a roadmap for conducting process improvement events, training county lean leaders, identifying and verifying best practices, and for locating and eliminating or mitigating administrative burdens on counties and DHS.

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